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From 09/12/2011 to 11/3/2011 Recap

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In the morning they set out again, Neph leads them down into the winding tunnel. This time they avoid the log trap that so grievously wounded Guvarah. Neph marvels at the vast size of the inner cavity. Perhaps for too long because he is hit with an arrow which sparks the start of a skirmish that the party is ill equip to handle. Unable to effectively return fire Guvarah and Neph push deeper into the cave; storming in to a room that appeared to be occupied by Human cultists and not the goblins they where lead to believe. In this second skirmish guvarah is felled by magic most foul. Vorash and Brock abandon their fight against the archers on the hill and regroup with the others.

They press deeper still, paying little heed to how over extended they’ve become. Mak’tar a distant memory, They successful dispatch another group of enemies. However, a few manage to escape. Knowing better then to follow the enemies in to a trap they proceed to a different room where Neph hears movement. Neph ventures into the room only to be hit by, struck by, a smooth… pair of enemies.  Vorash hearing Neph’s blood curdling scream rushes in to assist his ally. Vorash is also cut down where he stands as he hefts Neph’s limp body over his shoulder. Seeing this, Brock runs. Brock regroups with his party leader and the two of them begin to leave. Their path is cut off in the large chamber by the archers who assaulted them before, and are surrounded by reinforcements. Brock takes a leap of faith and jumps into the waters below the subterranean cliff. And is lost to unconsciousness.

As the group regains consciousness, they find themselves in captivity. Mak’tar attempts to harm the only enemy present with his magic, and is beaten into unconsciousness when the cultist flees to get help. Though impossible to measure, they wait in the cells for what would seem like several days. All the while their mysterious jailer works vigoriously on an unknown projects. Eventually their friendly host comes to visit them. Tortulian examines the work of his underling and the group stairs in horror at their own likenesses on the cave walls by a cultist who has no eyes. Tortulian looks amused and leaves.

Food is brought to the party and they hungrily gobble it up, no longer concerned about who or where it came from. When a group of guards come to retrieve them from their cells Neph attempts to ‘lift’ a knife off a guard who mercilessness knocks him out. The group is lead/ carried out in to a vast natural chamber that has been used for a dark mass to their foul god, Onogal. Tortulian delivers a speech to his minions and declares the group has been choosen to be sacrificed by Onogal. They are led in to a side chamber where many cultists are seated and waiting to bear witness to the sacrifice. As the group stands ready to meet their fate a roaring, ominous wind rushes in and floods the room. The magical torrent blows back the cowl and cloak of all the viewers and nothing but bones and dust is revealed. Frantic, Both the executioner and the awake members of the party engage in brutal melee. Ultimately the party prevails.

Neph scouts ahead, and Brock waits for him. Guvarah burns away the tattered rags that the cultists allowed them to cloth themselves with. Neph attempts to sneak past the Cultist Second-in-command and accidentally alerts him. Neph runs back to the party and the cultist quickly fells Brock. Guvarah rushes to their aid and is felled as well by the Cultist. When the cultist is slain, Neph and Mak’tar explore the great chamber and discover a bundle of healing elixirs that quickly bring back to their party leader who watches over their wounded comrades. The elixir has no effect on Guvarah and Vorash. The Group manages to drag their fellows back to the cliff before alerting the cultists again. Trapped they emulate Brocks previous fall and dive into the unknown.

They awaken on the bank of a river, where their leader dies from arrow wounds. Leaving them only with there lives and the instructions to find his ally in the Capital city of Marsrath. Vorash, struggling to accept his Deity’s rejection of him, finds the open and waiting arms of Lanshore, Lord of Pleasure. They follow the river northwest…


Ben’s wrong

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News flash, Ben’s usually wrong, don’t listen to him. Especially when pertaining to things like “Hide Shirts” or whatever made up shit he’s thought of. “I have no idea” -Ben.


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On the next day, they set out. Despite Gevurah’s attempt to become the new leader of the “Blue Flame Princes” he still continued to follow the Jade Venom Skylarks true Leader. Oh, and did he lead. Down the road and up into the mountains, for hours. Until they came to a cliff overlooking a river, with a bridge going into a dark cave. Clumsy, Gevurah springs a trap that greatly wounds him and his accomplice, Vorash. Gevurah abandons their assault and everyone follows him. All save one, who descends deeper into the cave looking to scout ahead. The next day passes and he does not return.


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The new party set out under the banner of the Jade Venom Skylarks. The Images of the dream still vivid in their minds. Hours of travel left them complacent and vulnerable, especially Brock. Goblins descended on them thinking to take advantage of yet another easy mark. This proved to be false, and the Jade Venom Skylarks drove them away.  The would be usurper, Gevurah, thought to wrestle command of the party for himself. That evening another dream came…


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They had all arrived at the city of Thelton. The Vampire-Man, Gevurah, along with his Half-Ork Companion, thought to take the mercenary contract from the Jade Venom Skylark mercenary band. Vorash, Neph and the others were intregued by the prospect of riches and offered to join the The Jade Venom Skylarks. Neph and several others even plotted to murder their would-be leader.

April 03, 2010

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All Plot Review predating this post is no longer valid and use of information from plot review is considered a sin. And I will punish sinners, so don’t metagame.


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Probably the best idea was to send the gnome out to blame all of the mistakes on someone else, who couldn’t trust a reliable source of news like a bard? Probably someone with half a brain, It was hard to believe that the same comical “lord tickle butt” was also the notorious murder/thief who had killed Timothy Thomas the night before.

*   *   *

Marube was the newest addition to “The Dark Ones.” He was a foreigner, and perhaps caution was a foreign concept, because it wasn’t long after they had entered the sewers that he ran off on his own. Moments after that he was running for his life, Shuriken still sticking out of the side of his neck. The pursuit was brief and it cost Marube his life. The rest of them proceeded on toward the warehouse where the object they seek was being held. Everything was going smoothly untill the appearance of the ancient sewer systems Monstrous custodians. The First nearly killed them, Engulfing both Pudge and Tiruk while “Auschwitz” (Formerly known as “Mr. Krumpet”) desperatly fought the beast. And the second killing Pudge, after they had doubled back in an attempt to locate their guide, Marube. Ironically Pudge was consumed and dissolved by the Galatinous Cube’s deigestive ooze. He was the main course of the last meal he ever attended.