Todd Wolfe / Vorash / Cleric

In ages past the House of Thay commanded respect, fear, and obedience. They saw the potential for great things and rarely allowed opportunity to go untried. They were cunning, scheming, and a great ally to have in your pocket, if only they wouldn’t seek to replace you…

However, in time even the best of fair-weather allies makes a mistep, and so it was that one of Thay’s political allies succeeded to rulership within the fiefdom of Koune, and his retribution was abrupt and swift. For two hundred years, the progeny of Thay were banished to the inhospitable Callou Mountains, to ilk out an existance within the winds, sleet, snow, and hail… ‘Let your kind exist amidst the relentless elements which you have persisted within our court.’

So it was that Varash grew up within the frozen peaks, a life built on trial and mettle… the servants of old were mere story now, and each of his kin had to break their backs to survive the unrelenting environment, but survive he did. He found calm and serenity amidst the howling winds, and found that humanity had lost its grasp of its own mortality, hiding from the elements behind stone and mortar, starving off cold with roaring firepits… humanity has mistaken weakness for comfort, and Vorash approaches life as one might a hungry bear… cautious of combat, neither welcoming or shying from it.

Seven years ago, word was recieved that the latest of the Koune dynasty had forsaken their contracts and sold off the Thay ancestoral holdings, the clan having been gone for so long that none recalled where they had been, and so Vorash had abandoned the mountainside… he is no longer a noble in name, and had never been raised with noble ideals… set against the world with no purpose but to reshape it to his own will…


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