Rob / Mak’dar / Sorcerer

It appeared that his entire life was going to be a series of misfortunes. The product of the union of a orc and a human, he was runty for a half-orc. He was a slave found fit for only the most menial chores.

During his days he worked under the careless eyes of the orcs, which allowed him to take pieces of “worthless” objects from orcish raids such as books. At night he was chained to a post and left alone, there he would study as well as he could. As a child he prayed for freedom to the gods he learned of in those books the orcs threw away. Each year he became less hopeful and finally realized there was no one listening. Yet through those books he learned of the world outside his reality.

One night, during the worst storm Mak’dar had ever seen, came an opportunity he never expected. As he huddled under what cover he could find he could feel the energies of the storm pass over him. Surprisingly he also felt the energy coursing through himself and suddenly lightning began to crackle around his fingers. Tentatively he pointed his hand ad the chain that bound him and with a crack of thunder it was damaged enough to escape.

So he ran as far and as fast as he could. He had a purpose now, no longer would he be kicked around instead he would amass power. No one was his master now and he planned to keep it that way. This power now coursing through him was the key, all he had to do was find ways to expand it.


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