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Additional Races of Cressle

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The Nezumi as they are called in La’ress, are a civilized race of man sized rodents. They are rarely seen and largely believed to bring about plague, it is said that they live in tunnel cities deep in the ground. Far more intelligent then most believe; their actions, objectives and motives are utterly alien to the common folk that make up the majority of surface dwellers and nearly all contact with them is hostile. They speak an unusual dialect of undercommon.


Horrible creatures exist in the worlds beyond Cressle, and before the event known as Eschaton; great wizards sought to cross between the worlds. Bringing back with them some of those horrible creatures which may have even caused the Eschaton. Tieflings are said to be the offspring of those wizards who experimented in the depraved chemical wedding of humans and daemons. Tieflings are sneaky, subtle, and generally conniving. Many tieflings are indistinguishable from humans. Others have small horns, pointed teeth, red eyes, a whiff of brimstone about them, or even cloven feet. No two tieflings are the same. The few Tieflings who are immediately recognized as what they are regarded not only as monsters but are seen as sign of the coming of a second eschaton. Many a tiefling have been killed by angry mobs looking to single handedly prevent a second eschaton (some of those mobs may have included tieflings themselves and not known it!). Tieflings are quite rare outside of Koune.

Satyre/ Beastmen

Through out much of the great forest and further south in the wasteland there live creatures that are like upright goats who walk like men. The Satyr are a barbaric race of intelligent creatures much like orks. Orks and Satyr frequently fight to prove to Kharnath which is the dominate race worthy of his favor. Beastmen have brown fur, Cloven hoves and horns. They are said to have once been human.



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Probably the best idea was to send the gnome out to blame all of the mistakes on someone else, who couldn’t trust a reliable source of news like a bard? Probably someone with half a brain, It was hard to believe that the same comical “lord tickle butt” was also the notorious murder/thief who had killed Timothy Thomas the night before.

*   *   *

Marube was the newest addition to “The Dark Ones.” He was a foreigner, and perhaps caution was a foreign concept, because it wasn’t long after they had entered the sewers that he ran off on his own. Moments after that he was running for his life, Shuriken still sticking out of the side of his neck. The pursuit was brief and it cost Marube his life. The rest of them proceeded on toward the warehouse where the object they seek was being held. Everything was going smoothly untill the appearance of the ancient sewer systems Monstrous custodians. The First nearly killed them, Engulfing both Pudge and Tiruk while “Auschwitz” (Formerly known as “Mr. Krumpet”) desperatly fought the beast. And the second killing Pudge, after they had doubled back in an attempt to locate their guide, Marube. Ironically Pudge was consumed and dissolved by the Galatinous Cube’s deigestive ooze. He was the main course of the last meal he ever attended.


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The real temple of draxion was discovered very quickly by the original adventurers. But for the candidates, it involved over 2 hours of searching. The witness revealed that all the temple’s inhabitants had been killed, where the Candidates allowed one to escape. “Had survived” is what the department’s records indicated for the experiment, though that was hardly the case; as two where mortally wounded, and probably would not have survived on their own. Due to his previous betrayal, “Mr. Crumpet” was isolated for this experiment .


The orders where passed down from the “higher ups” that the candidates would have to be turned loose. They where a liability, they didn’t take the job seriously, they could not be trusted to represent the kingdom on sensitive matters that would be asked of them. Some data was collected that might prove useful later, but all in all, it was a total bust.


Like a bumbling cluster shag trying to smash in insect with a sledgehammer, the “dark ones” couldn’t have been more wild or reckless. Wonton destruction is all that they craved, running amuck like the most fervent of Kharnaths zealots. Insanity the definition of their being, Thoughtless the measure of their resolve. The simple task of recovering the Tapestry long forgotten, or perhaps it was never all that important to them as they hardly even knew what it was they were looking for.


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*in refrence to a  hat with lots of planets*

Pudge should eat the hat then he will be “Pudge devourer of worlds”

“I’m going to shut up, but not because you told me to.”

August 30th 2008

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Watching them struggle was unbearable. They wouldn’t work together, they where selfish… and crazy. He couldn’t tell if how they had even ended up in the Department of Internal Investigation was starting to make more sense or less. Perhaps they where just chosen to see what morally depraved individuals do in certain situations, the key to the mystery of how “Ravenhold” vanished over 20 years ago. But in all actuality It was looking more and more like someone actually expected them to be Investigators and they were not going to make the cut.

* * *
The Offical records taken from the Depatments records showed that “Anerus”  was hired to return wizard familiars, to their cages, but never fufilled his end  of the bargan before he died. This was simular to the way the Canadates responded with the exception that there was no traps, the canadates where easily caught off guard. Rather then giving up directly they took out their frustrations on the Young man who was in need of aid.
*  *  *
Anerus, along with two others in record, Purchased a map from a merchant who commonly sold maps to adventurers. This map in particular gave the location of a Green dragon Wyrm, who’s treasure they intended to plunder, The fierce tunnel fighting forced them to retreat but not before Anerus was betrayed by the other two, This is not unlike the Candidates who’s own animosity forced them to retreat. Anerus met his end at that cave, and his remains where recovered by the first investigation team, found in a cave along with several other bodies.
*   *   *
The Svirfneblin who hired the Adventureres had little to comment on when the Investigation team interviewed them. But the Candidates successfuly compleate their request as it was recorded in the actual events, untill they tryed to extort more Gold from the Svirfneblin community, premature ending of the simulation was necessary to protect the mind of one of the candidates.