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Dietys of Cressle

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(In order of spectrum)

The Martyr God
Lawful Good
Favorite weapon: Unarmed or Quarterstaff
The Hero God
Chaotic Good
Favorite weapon: Great Sword or Great Axe
The Life God
Neutral Good
Favorite weapon: Mace or Warhammer
The God of the dead
Neutral Good
Favorite weapon: Katar or Kukuri


The Elements God
True Neutral
Favorite weapon: spear or short sword
The Fortune God
Lawful Neutral
Favorite weapon: Dagger or sling
The Wilds God
Chaotic Neutral
Favorite weapon: Club or longbow
The Machine God
True Neutral
Favorite weapon: Guns or Crossbows


The Pleasure God
Lawful Evil
Favorite weapon: Rapier or whip
The Decay God
Neutral Evil
Favorite weapon: Scythe or Pitchfork
The Change God
Neutral Evil
Favorite weapon: Quarterstaff or Longsword
The Blood God
Chaotic Evil
Favorite weapon: Battleaxe or Flail

Races of Cressle

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Humans make up the majority of the population. They are exactly the same as described in the PHB and are found on both Voumoris and La’ress.


Over a thousand years ago, before the “Eschaton”, the dwarves lived above land and mingled well with the other races. Fleeing the impending doom, the dwarves dug deep into the mountain side, leaving behind Great walls to their kingdom that now form the boarders of Koune, to this day there are many dwarven ruins about the land and many have been plundered of their treasures. The dwarves themselves are alive and well, still awaiting a day that they can return to the surface world, but much time has passed and several generations later the dwarves have grown complacent and have no immediate plans to leave. A small few dwarves that long for adventure or have been exiled assimilate themselves into communities using their skills at arms and blacksmithing (and many cases brewing)to make a living.


Elves are a magical race that inhabits the great forest north of Koune. Incredibly rare and mysterious, only the insane claim to have seen elves. Elves and wizards are widely believed to have caused the dark time known as “Eschaton” with their reckless use of magic. Elven attacks have filled koune’s history and seem to happen in cycles that correspond with Human venture and settlement in the forest. One thing is certain; elves are the protectors of the forests. Some folk also claim to have been related to elves of old, many find them crazy, and those who truly are related to elves go unnoticed as most people don’t even know what elves look like.


Orks are a barbaric race that is not unlike a cancer on cressle, and it is no wonder why they are considered Kharnath’s chosen. Ugly, stupid and violent, they raid and pillage all parts of Voumoris, indiscriminately. On occasion they have offspring born with both Human and Ork blood, these abominations are considered runts and weaklings among ork kind and monsters among humans, but those who are watered down enough to pass as human occasionally grace society with their Primitive features and mental handicaps, Serving as manual labor at best. Other half breed orks also exist, Black orks are another common proof of ork genetic flexibility, and are regarded as strong and anointed by Kharnath for their daemon blood.


Gnomes are gnomes… Inquisitive and playful, they play a key role in the technological development of Gearus. Gnomes take great pride in going out of their way to make life simpler with the use of overly complex devices. Gnomes are very fond of jokes, and annoy the hell out of other common races.


Halflings live in traveling nomadic bands, widely believed to be thieves; Halflings tend to make people feel uncomfortable in crowded areas. Halflings value comfort above all things, so many Halfling goods are ergonomical and practical, Halfling food is very delicious and many nobles like to display their wealth status by the having Halfling cooks on staff. Halfling cooks are also in high demand in various military as they boost morale.


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The world of Cressle has 4 major continents, Two of which are named Voumoris and La’ress.  Voumoris located in the south eastern hemisphere, has 3 major countries and two undisputed territories, and is where the game takes place for the majority. La’ress located directly to the west of Voumoris, has many Asian themes, and is in constant conflict between the daemon worshipers in the south and the Daemon hunters in the north.  Very little is known about the world, the people of the continents seldom travel outside of their respective continents, but there is some trade between la’ress and Voumoris.


The three major political centers of Voumoris would be: Gearus, Koune, and Ponarus. Gearus is situated on the west coast, west of Koune, just north of Ponarus. Gearus has many ports and is famous for their technological advancements most notably Firearms and Airships. Major citys have electrical powered lighting, and it boasts the highest population of Gnomes, Halflings, and Dwarves. The Empire of Ponarus is a country ruled almost entirely by women as their proximity to the Southern Wastes causes insanity in aggressive and Violent men. This is thought to be a curse bestowed on them by Kharnath, The god of murder and rage when the Knights of Ponarus ensured the safety of the ponarian people over onethousand years ago during Omnis Requiem et mundi. Many see the women as Feminine Supremacists, but this is hardly the truth, as the Ponarians are taught to honor men for the burden they bear. Ponarus is filled by many Knightly orders and militant sects who are constantly battling against the wild hordes in the south. Koune is a Fudal Country just south of the great forest and north of ponarus. Perhaps the weakest of the three, it’s key strength is in the Great dwarven walls surrounding it’s boarders and protecting it from invasion. The people of Koune are fearful and superstitious as selfish nobles have robbed  the peasantry of any real education. It is common in Koune to blame many misfortunes on either magic or elves.

Looking for this man, To sell him to other man…

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I can’t Find the Planer domain list, I will be looking for this at school tonight. I know it’s in a book, and was listed on the SRD at one time, I think its in unearthed arcana

Welcome, I guess..

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So… here’s the deal,

This site will be dedicated to storing, saving, updating, and modifying information for any and all campaigns I decide to run.

If this fails. At least it kept me busy for the time being…